LinkedIn Marketing cartoon break

LinkedIn Marketing video preview 3 Jul

LinkedIn Marketing cartoon break

LinkedIn Marketing video previewTake a break from your work and  have fun learning with this cartoon.

I’m frequently asked about LinkedIn Marketing.  It’s popular and people want to know how to get clients on LinkedIn.

Eavesdrop on the cartoon version of me while I coach Andrea about how she can get clients on LinkedIn. It gives you the chance to have some fun while learning something useful for your business.

To help you find important parts of the video there is a table of contents below.

0:07 Welcome
0:24 LinkedIn marketing difficulties
01:03 The importance of building trust
01:46 Professional services are more Intimate and risky emotionally
02:01 It takes more time to build trust
02:07 The “Know, Like, and Trust” factor
02:25 How to build trust
02:39 Knowing what questions your clients are asking
02:56 What to show in your LinkedIn profile
03:28 Education based marketing
04:01 How to find out what keeps your prospective clients awake at
04:38 You can be creative
05:24 How to build trust as a caring expert
05:54 The best way to get people to like and trust you
06:00 Keys for setting up your website
06:27 What should be the focus of your communication?
06:36 Getting people to hire you
07:19 The keys for effective time  management
07:32 How to know if LinkedIn is ctually a good place for you to find clients?
08:04 Other places you can look?
08:30 Are there other ways to do marketing on LinkedIn?
08:47 Why so many people fail at marketing
09:24 Where to get even more help for free..

Linked In Marketing for independent professionals.  Marketing resources for solopreneurs, coaches and small business owners from marketing results coach Mark Reinert and Authentic Business Growth.

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