Finding a resilient response

17 Aug

Finding a resilient response

What do you do when things go wrong? Especially when a pile of difficult things happen all at once?
Katie Curtin, creativity and money coach, and the guest for this week’s Marketing Café contacted me a week ago to reschedule her appearance on the show.  She had been planning to call in while overseas.  Phone connectivity had not previously been a problem, but unexpectedly it had become a major problem.

We rescheduled her appearance for The Creativity Factor for Successfully Standing Out for Sept. 20, filling in for a speaker who had cancelled his appearance.

Suddenly a bunch of other things happened. I lost a lot of work time on the computer when the local power company struggled to repair and replace transformers that weren’t working. For some reason even the temporary generators caused problems, resulting in the whole neighborhood being without power.

As a result, we had 7 unexpected power outages in 4 days, each lasting at least 2 or 3 hours. About that time, I discovered minor but important damage to my home from the heavy vibrations when the water company recently dug up the street I live on.  Another day this week, I woke up to rainwater splashing on my face  through the expensive new roof. Thankfully no computers or electronic equipment was damaged, and I diagnosed the roof issue quickly.

As if that wasn’t enough, around this time a bunch of other annoying challenges crossed my path, including technology glitches, extra crabby people, a lingering earache and some other things I won’t mention.

Due to everything that happened (especially the loss of working time during the power outages), I didn’t get my weekly email newsletter out on Tuesday and didn’t get a timely announcement out about rescheduling the Marketing Café.

I know that we all have experiences like this when it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and discouraged.

In view of this, I’m looking forward to the next two Marketing Café radio shows where we’ll be talking about discovering resilience and overcoming overwhelm in challenging situations.

Discovering Resilience in Difficult Situations with Mary Elaine Kiener, wellness coach and founder of Stress Well™

Avoiding and Overcoming Overwhelm with Linda Levin, PCC, executive and personal coach

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