An Epic Quest

Do you have the courage for a hero’s journey?

With every step of growing your business, you venture forward into uncharted territory. After doing your best to prepare, you take that first step and go forward.

The obstacles are bigger than you expected. Sometimes growing your business feels like an epic quest!

The small business challenges or “hero’s journeys” that self-employed service professionals, solopreneurs and entrepreneurs face usually fall into three main areas.

From Overwhelmed to Productive

You may have a constant flow of new ideas and struggle to focus on one at a time. Day to day tasks may get in the way of growing your business. As a result, it’s hard to be productive in the pursuit of an overall plan to grow your business.

From scarcity to profit

You may need to improve your marketing and business processes so you can be profitable. Not only do you need to make a living, but being profitable is an important step toward having a bigger positive impact in the world.

From stress to resilience and fulfillment

You may be feeling stressed. Perhaps it’s a constant struggle to find time for all your responsibilities. A lack of finances might be draining your energy. Maybe you struggle with procrastination or a lack of self-confidence. These challenges make it hard to build your business from a place of resilience and confident strength.

If you remember only one thing

Each new phase of business growth usually brings to your attention a need for further personal growth in one or more of these areas.

You may need to focus on just one area. Or you may get slammed by all three at the same time.

It can be mighty uncomfortable. And, it’s normal. It’s part of the process.

The good news?

These challenges are calling you forward into greatness!

By turning these obstacles into opportunities to grow, you can do more effective work. In turn that will enable you to have a bigger impact through your work and an easier time financially.

On this side of things, however, it can feel mighty overwhelming. Doubt spreads like fog. You wonder if you can you really succeed.

If these challenges sound familiar, you may be wondering about the type of self-employed professionals, coaches, practitioners and small business owners we work with.