Don’t defy this marketing law (just like gravity)

7 Nov

Don’t defy this marketing law (just like gravity)

When you’re busy in your business and trying to get new clients, it can be easy to overlook making sure your activities follow the laws of marketing.

Just like gravity this ‘marketing law’ is a ‘law’ you’d best not defy.

Assuming you’re selling something that people consider important enough to pay for …

The most important ‘law’ about marketing is that you need to focus on getting people to trust you as an expert

There are 3 important parts to this, and without them you’ll struggle to have a successful business:

First, you need to consistently be in contact with prospective clients.

Unless you run an emergency service, people will need to hear about you more than once before they hire you.  Experts suggest it has to be anywhere between 7 and 42 times.

The best way to address this is to give people a way to consistently hear from you. This can be through low cost workshops, teleseminars or an email newsletter.  What’s important is regular and consistent interaction with you or contact from you.

Second, you need to give people a multi-dimensional experience of you.

At most basic people need to hear your voice not just see print on a screen. There are many ways to do this. While video is helpful it doesn’t have to be video.   You could meet people in person, run a webinar, have a podcast or attend networking events.  People who meet you at a networking event need other ways to experience you, too, such as through a well written website that speaks to their needs.

Third, the most effective approaches to building trust with prospective clients include offering them bite sized education.

Especially for services that require personal growth or make a client feel vulnerable, it will take them longer to build trust.  This isn’t just true for psychotherapists and relationship coaches.  Working with a bookkeeper, accountant, or lawyer can make clients feel vulnerable, too, because you see into some private areas of their life.

By using regular contact as a means to offer bite-sized education, you’re not only marketing to them but offering something helpful that will teach them something.  The key is to offer them enough to be helpful and not so much that you overwhelm them.

As with the other principles, there are many ways to do this.

If you’re like most self-employed people, you are constantly short on time.  This can all sound good but how to find time to implement it?

That’s where finding ways to do these things more productively and efficiently is so important.

One of the easiest ways to do build prospects trust in you through consistent, multi-dimensional experiences of you with educational content is by having your own a podcast.

By speaking you avoid writers block and give people a richer experience of you than words alone can.

It takes a little setup but once it’s up and running it’s easy to create new podcasts by yourself or by interviewing others.

You could hire me to set up a podcast system for you and teach you what you need to know to manage it on an ongoing basis, or manage it for you.

However, a cheaper alternative for the do it yourself type is the Podcast Crusher course.  This course goes in depth and shows you step by step how to set up a podcast and leverage it to benefit your business.  The people behind it are Robert Plank and Lance Tamashiro well-known and respected marketers.

I got in on a pre-launch version of the course and the quality of the program is so strong, that I stand behind it as a compensated affiliate.

If you have any interest in having a podcast this 4 module training course that launched today is full of helpful training. It’s worth your taking a few minutes to get in on the launch price before the price goes up on Thursday afternoon, Nov. 8.

Here’s the link for more information and to sign up.





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