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14 Feb

Are you blocking your business from loving you?

car in snowOne of the tragic stories during the historic snowstorm here in Boston last weekend was the story of the 11 year old boy who died because he got into the car to stay warm while his father shoveled the snow.

With the engine running and the exhaust blocked by the snowbank, the carbon monoxide went into the car. Since he had the windows closed, the flow of fresh air was blocked. Sadly this led to his death.

The tragic thing is that he had no idea he blocked himself from receiving the air he needed to live. Even though the fresh air was available, by the time the blockage was discovered he had died.

There’s a lesson here for your business on Valentine’s Day.

Blocking yourself from receiving Read More

studnets hands up 25 Apr

5 Questions to ask about any marketing support or program


In order to avoid disappointment, here are five questions that you should ask before investing in any marketing support or training program.

1. Is it flexible for different personalities and businesses?

studnets hands upOne of the things that I have noticed that happens is a lot of marketers will put as many people as possible into their training programs. That’s not necessarily a bad thing.

One of the compromises that often happen is thatRead More