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30 social media myths busted

Did you ever fall asleep while someone was talking?

If so, let me tell you a story about my college classmate Christie who kept falling asleep in our computer programming classes.

Our professor had the most boring, monotone delivery style you can imagine.

Falling asleep in class didn’t exactly impress the professor.

Since it was an advanced level class in our major, and his job references were importatnt, this affected Christie’s Read More

15 Aug

Social media crowdsourcing can help your business

When you need a great name for a service, product, webinar or workshop, your brainstorming efforts will yield better results when you come up with a longer list of ideas to work from.

I consider myself a creative person, and yet I can’t always come up with enough ideas.

The challenge is how to come up with lots of ideas.

So often brainstorming is a numbers game. For every good idea you have to come up with dozens of others that you eventually discard.

The best way is to enroll others to help you do Read More

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7 Jun
4 Jun

Google Places merges with Google Plus impacting local businesses

In a dramatic change last week,  Google Places has been replaced by Google+ Local pages.  Google reports that 80 million pages were converted last week.

While the change will make things simpler in the long run, it may disorient business owners and cause some frustration in the long run.

Does your business use Google+?  If you have a local business (with “brick and mortar” presence), have you used Google Places?

You can read in depth about this at Search Engine Land and on Google’s Blog.