Business Growth Coaching

If you’re a new or established coach or solopreneur who wants to get more clients, get off the overwhelm treadmill, make more money or simply wants to have more work-life balance, then business growth coaching with us is a good fit for you.

The focus of Business Growth Coaching

Business Growth Coaching with us usually focuses on one or more of these areas.

  • Becoming more profitable – helping you start-up or refresh your marketing and sales
  • Moving past overwhelm so you have space to breathe,   without harming or giving up your business
  • Planning and strategy for new projects or programs so you can successfully take your business  to the next level
  • Becoming more confident in your marketing, selling, use of technology and running your business
  • Navigating challenges – if you’ve been thrown a curve ball, in life or business, that has interfered with your productivity or  profitability, I  can help

Results-oriented outcomes

The outcomes of business coaching with us are powerful.

  • Clarity – You understand clearly what to do next as well as the underlying  long-term strategy that will get the results you want.
  • Confidence – You have a plan of action that you feel comfortable and confident about.
  • Consistent Action – You go out and take the needed actions. Consistently
  • Resilience – You’re able to course correct and “bounce back” when things don’t turn out as you expected. You’re able to fight fires before they burn out of control.
  • Reaching your goals faster, and more easily – You get the results you want and need such as more clients, more time, less stress, better work-life balance, etc.

Take a moment to imagine the impact of results like these and what it will feel like to reach that level of success in your business. To know what you need to do, how to do it, to be doing it and to be able rest in the knowledge that your actions will bring the results and clients you need.

Obviously this will take hard work on your part, and time.  It would be nice if I could just wave a magic wand while you took a nap. 🙂  We both know it’s not that simple.

With my guidance and your commitment, you can focus your hard work in the way that will bring you better and faster results.


What we can do together

Breaking this down into smaller pieces, the things we can do together fall into 6 major areas

  • Marketing message – Develop and implement clear, comfortable marketing messages. Find clarity about effective branding and positioning choices.  This might include making sure your target audience and niche (sometimes called a unique selling proposition) are profitable and well suited for you.
  • Marketing materials – Help you write and improve  the marketing materials you’ll need, such as a compelling website, sales page,  email messaging, brochures, webinar and video scripts, case studies and testimonials, etc.
  • Marketing methods – Select and consistently implement specific marketing strategies that you are confident will bring the clients you want to serve.   This might include some of the following: social media, blogging, networking, webinars, videos, a podcast, in person workshops.
  • Managing your business – Navigate the challenges of new projects, transitions and major challenges successfully, so that you remain profitable, productive and happy during such intense periods   Select the best tools and software to use.  Assess how much to do yourself as well as when and how to hire help. Develop processes to stay on top of administrative tasks and bookkeeping.
  • Mastering your craft – You may want to improve or refresh the way you deliver services to clients, or upgrade your technology or selling skills.  This can be as simple as brainstorming new coaching interventions or learning activities or as complicated as developing a new curriculum or deciding whether to make a commitment to create a training program or info product.   Coaching with me can also be a powerful tool to help you process challenging client interactions.
  • Mindset for success –  Move through blocks to productivity and boost your confidence in your ability to sell and to serve your clients effectively.   As needed, we can also address any personal matters that are blocking you from focusing on your business.  This can be as straightforward as dealing with the common challenges of being productive while working from home  or as emotionally intense as navigating the challenges of unexpectedly becoming the sole breadwinner while suddenly taking on new responsibilities to care for a newly ill spouse.

Sometimes the journey turns out differently than you expected. With my support and coaching, you’ll be able to more quickly reach the results you want because you know what to do and you do it consistently with confidence.

Is my business coaching a good match for you?

If you’re wondering if I am a good match for you, I suggest you explore one or more of the following:

  • Review the case studies from past clients in our Blog
  • Attend an upcoming marketing clinic with me
  • Contact me to schedule a 20-30 minute complimentary phone consultation.

How it works

The structure of Business Growth Coaching is simple and powerful.

Helpful Business Coaching  – We meet by phone, usually on a teleconference line  for approximately 45 minutes. We’ll focus our time on the things that you believe will help you most.

This can include highly practical things like your goals and action steps, brainstorming, and getting advice on strategy. We can also work together to help you in more subjective yet important areas like confidence, motivation, productivity or writing and communication challenges.

Sometimes you’ll need more of one and sometimes more of another. Together we tailor our time together to meet your needs.

Most clients meet with me every week or every other week.    While you’re welcome to book a single session, keep in mind that experience has shown that the way business coaching works, the most amazing results come from working with someone regularly over a period of  100 days or more.

Recordings and notes included  – You receive an mP3 recording of your session (unless you prefer not to or the rare technical glitch interferes) and, when applicable/requested, my typed notes of brainstorming we do together.

Simple, efficient and powerful

You get the best of my expertise as a skilled, professional coach to help you uncover your own wisdom about the issues on your mind and you get my best advice as someone with expertise in marketing, persuasive writing (copywriting) and business development who also has experience helping others sell professional services, improve coaching skills and develop workshops, webinars and other educational programs.

Are we a match? Let’s talk and find out

If you’re thinking about business coaching with me, contact me to set up a 20-30 minute complimentary consultation to discuss your goals and concerns and how I can help you.

Purchase your business coaching package

My business coaching packages are designed to be accessible and valuable to help you reach your business goals more quickly than you could alone.  Sessions can be purchased separately but a monthly subscription is recommended as email support will be provided between sessions. Sessions can be conducted by phone or Skype audio.


One Session Package

This package includes:

    • One 45 minute, one-on-one, confidential business coaching call
    • Session recording (mp3 file)

Monthly Subscription Package

This package includes:

    • Two 45 minute, one-on-one, confidential business coaching calls per calendar month
    • Email support between sessions
    • Session recording (mp3 file)

Notes and Disclosures:

  • By purchasing business coaching you confirm your agreement to the I agree to the Coaching Agreement.
  • These fees and business coaching format is structured for those who are solo professionals and the primary decision-maker in their business. If you work in a partnership or other type of small business where my working with more than one person is needed, I can custom design a program for you.
  • If you are highly motivated, your business is your household’s primary source of income and if you are struggling financially to meet housing costs and basic living expenses, you can contact me to discuss alternate fee arrangements so you can get the support you need to turn the situation around.
  • I respect and protect your privacy. I will never sell your name or email address. When you purchase business coaching, I will also send additional resources and information from time to time. You can unsubscribe at any time.  Items offered in email, web content or on virtual events may be from carefully chosen affiliates who may (or may not) pay a commission to Authentic Business Growth if you purchase. This will not increase the amount you pay.  This is only a summary and you can read the full terms of service and disclosures here.