To get more clients, avoid naked promotion

To get more clients, avoid naked promotion

The ROI for blogging is clear and as marketing stretegies go it’s not very complicated.

Still, I hear regularly that it’s confusing and challenging for many small business owners and solopreneurs:

  • How can I find the time?
  • What should I write about?
  • How much stuff should I give away?
  • How will people find my blog?
  • How will my free articles motivate them to PAY for my services?
  • I’ve had my own moments of wondering about questions like these.

Here’s the important thing

Blogging regularly is like the outfit you wear to go on a date.  There are all sorts of outfits that would work well, and there are also sorts of good answers about how to pick a strategy for your blog and how to address your productivity concerns.

You might have had a nightmare once about showing up for a date without clothes on, but in real life no one would do that.

Even the people who enjoy going to nude beaches make the effort to find something nice to wear on a date with someone they want to impress.  And on the next date, they would find something else nice to wear.  (After all, you have to wear something nice even if your final destination is the nude beach.)

We could almost say that not writing blog articles regularly is like showing up naked for a date.

Be careful about when you do that!

Avoid naked promotion in your solopreneur marketing

You need to regularly give your audience something before you ask them to buy. you’re doing naked promotion. Otherwise they’ll stop paying attention to you and consider you to be weird, pushy or both.

Get more clients from your business blog

I’m pleased to bring you this training with Sarah Santacroce, small business internet & social media marketing mentor who is an expert on getting clients from your blog.

Here’s some of what we’ll discuss

  • What to do if you’re not a good writer.
  • The four big benefits of writing regular blog articles
  • How to move people from blog reader to prospective client.
  • How often and how much to write to get the best results.
  • Examples of how you can get blog readers to subscribe to your email list.
  • Key differences between blog article strategy and email list strategies. (This is confusing for many people, but not that complicated once you understand it.)
  • How to get more readers, especially when you’re starting out.

Join us here

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