Four ways teaching sells professional services

teacher flipchart 14 Mar

Four ways teaching sells professional services

teacher flipchartIn order to sell and market professional services, it’s essential that people see you as an expert for solving a problem or getting a result they want. Whether it’s a problem or a goal, it needs to be something that motivates them strongly.

Marketing boils down to two things.   First, you need to get your ideal clients to see you as an expert who can provide what they want.  Read More

3 circles drawing 5 Mar

Profitable coaching niches occur where your 3 success circles overlap

3 circles drawingOne of the challenges of finding a profitable niche as a coach, or in any kind of professional service, is that the niche that works best for you isn’t going to be a copy of what works best for someone else.

Here’s an exercise to help you explore where the most profitable coaching niche is for you.

Draw 3 overlapping circles on a piece of paper.  The circles should overlap each other a little but not completely.  Combined together they form a Read More

Thumb being pressed onto a tack's sharp point 22 Feb

How do you poke prospective clients’ pain?

Thumb being pressed onto a tack's sharp pointYou may be losing clients by talking about what’s possible.

It’s common for coaches and many other self-employed professionals to focus their marketing messages around what’s possible for their prospective clients.

While there is a time and place for this, lots of the marketing messages I see (and, yes, some I’ve sent!) talk too much about things like: a new, joyful career path, a better, happy relationship or other vague promises of empowerment and well-being.

This can greatly limit your effectiveness attracting clients for two reasons.Read More