Treasures in the murky waters of joint ventures

Treasures in the murky waters of joint ventures

Imagine that due to soil erosion what was once the extravagant royal palace of an ancient wealthy King and Queen has become …

… a slimy, messy swamp.

Malaria-ridden mosquitoes now bite anything that moves near what was once the elegant home to the wealthiest monarch this imaginary country has known. We don’t know if TV existed there, but the King and Queen were certainly Hollywood types, with uncounted rooms full of treasures, including more gold jewelry and diamonds than the whole court could wear in a year.

Scientists can’t say much more than global warming and soil erosion turned this place into a smelly swamp.   If the mosquitoes don’t get you, the leeches in the knee deep mud probably will. If you survive that watch out for the alligators that pretend to be submerged logs and the poisonous snakes that hide behind almost every piece of vegetation.

If you’re not discouraged yet, the heat and smell is overpowering.

Let’s just say you lose your appetite fast.

No one would want to go there!

Or would they?

As it turns out, the vast treasures of the ancient palace are buried under the muck, free for the taking.

What I forgot to tell you is that by some odd ‘Bermuda Triangle effect’  motors and engines don’t work in the swamp.  Motors always fail, fuel tanks spring leaks, and bulldozers sink so deep they can’t go forward.

Not to be dismayed, you (our hero) set out in search of the treasure with shovels, metal detectors and low tech equipment, bringing along a team of medics, snake charmers and alligator tamers to help you.

When you set out to do joint ventures in your business, sometimes it can feel like that adventure into the swamp looking for the lost treasures of the royal castle.

You can run into all sorts of snakes, alligators, leeches not to mention those malaria-infested mosquitoes.

You can also find  real treasure, Read More

To get more clients, avoid naked promotion

The ROI for blogging is clear and as marketing stretegies go it’s not very complicated.

Still, I hear regularly that it’s confusing and challenging for many small business owners and solopreneurs:

  • How can I find the time?
  • What should I write about?
  • How much stuff should I give away?
  • How will people find my blog?
  • How will my free articles motivate them to PAY for my services?
  • I’ve had my own moments of wondering about questions like these.

Here’s the important thing

Blogging regularly is like the outfit you wear to go on a date.  There are all sorts of outfits that would work well, and there are also sorts of good answers about how to pick a strategy for your blog and how to address your productivity concerns.

You might have had a nightmare once about showing up for a date without clothes on, but in real life no one would do that.

Even the people who enjoy going to nude beaches make the effort to find something nice to wear on a date with someone they want to impress.  And on the next date, they would find something else nice to wear.  (After all, you have to wear something nice even if your final destination is the nude beach.)

We could almost say that not writing blog articles regularly is like showing up naked for a date.

Be careful about when you do that!

Avoid naked promotion in your solopreneur marketing

You need to regularly give your audience something before you ask them to buy. you’re doing naked promotion. Otherwise they’ll stop paying attention to you and consider you to be weird, pushy or both.

Get more clients from your business blog

I’m pleased to bring you this training with Sarah Santacroce, small business internet & social media marketing mentor who is an expert on getting clients from your blog.

Here’s some of what we’ll discuss

  • What to do if you’re not a good writer.
  • The four big benefits of writing regular blog articles
  • How to move people from blog reader to prospective client.
  • How often and how much to write to get the best results.
  • Examples of how you can get blog readers to subscribe to your email list.
  • Key differences between blog article strategy and email list strategies. (This is confusing for many people, but not that complicated once you understand it.)
  • How to get more readers, especially when you’re starting out.

Join us here

7 Nov

Don’t defy this marketing law (just like gravity)

When you’re busy in your business and trying to get new clients, it can be easy to overlook making sure your activities follow the laws of marketing.

Just like gravity this ‘marketing law’ is a ‘law’ you’d best not defy.

Assuming you’re selling something that people consider important enough to pay for …

The most important ‘law’ about marketing is that you need to Read More

Can green & ethical business be profitable?

When you’re feeling the need for more clients, perhaps especially when you’re feeling a real cash flow pinch, it can be very tempting to make compromises that make you feel uncomfortable.I regularly hear stories of people choosing to do joint ventures with someone they are not comfortable with.  They may not feel aligned with their values, but agree for one reason or another. Beyond just feeling uncomfortable, the problem is that even a subtle discomfort on your part will come through to your clients. It can have long-term negative impact on your brand.This brings the bigger question of whether doing the right thing is unprofitable or bad for business.  If you do what’s right – whether ethically, or for the environment — will it hurt your business?

Many people are afraid that it will.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way.

That’s why I’m glad to bring Shel Horowitz, author of Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green to the Marketing Café this week.

The topic of this week’s show is how green and ethical business practices are not just the right thing to do, but can be a powerful path to profit, when you do it correctly. Some of the things we’ll talk about include how to deal with the expense and hassle of being environmentally friendly, and how you can benefit from ethical alliances with your competition.

Shel Horowitz is a green marketing consultant, copywriter, and book publishing consultant.  He specializes in strategies and materials to reach green, socially conscious consumers with marketing that has THEM calling YOU. His latest book is Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green.

Get more details and join us here