What’s the path to purchasing coaching services?

Today I want to share with you a cool infographic that talks about the path to an online purchase.

This image is focused on online product sales, and the heavy use of data, however don’t let that scare you away.

Even if you skip the number crunching, the concept is valuable and worth your reflection as a coach, helping practitioner or service professional.

What is your client’s path to purchase?

When you have a good sense of what path (or paths) clients take to discover you, and then hire you it makes everything easier.

To make the whole client-getting process easier, I suggest you reflect on these questions.

  1. What problems are bugging them that you solve in your line of business?
  2. How do they research the issue?
    Do they look in Google, on Youtube, Amazon, or Craigslist? Or do they ask their psychotherapist, physician or accountant for a referral or look for a workshop in your city?
  3. In what ways do they imagine solving this problem?
    By reading a book, taking a class, paying for one on one help? How much time and money do they imagine spending?
  4. How do they discover you first?
    Hint: is it online, at a workshop or networking group, or by referral?)
  5. How do they come to trust you enough to hire you?
    Perhaps through a phone consultation, a teleseminar,  meeting you at a networking group or reading your blogs and emails?
  6. What keeps them on the fence?
    What pushes them into enough clarity to make a decision to hire you?

Take some time to reflect, journal, or talk with a colleague or business mentor. The more clarity you have about this, the easier it will be to choose your next steps.

Now, check out the infograhic.

140603 Big Data and Purchase.jcf 1 Whats the path to purchasing coaching services?

Source:  Infographic: The Online Path to Purchase

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