Are you blocking your business from loving you?

14 Feb

Are you blocking your business from loving you?

car in snowOne of the tragic stories during the historic snowstorm here in Boston last weekend was the story of the 11 year old boy who died because he got into the car to stay warm while his father shoveled the snow.

With the engine running and the exhaust blocked by the snowbank, the carbon monoxide went into the car. Since he had the windows closed, the flow of fresh air was blocked. Sadly this led to his death.

The tragic thing is that he had no idea he blocked himself from receiving the air he needed to live. Even though the fresh air was available, by the time the blockage was discovered he had died.

There’s a lesson here for your business on Valentine’s Day.

Blocking yourself from receiving fresh air can be deadly for your body. Blocking yourself from receiving the love it wants to give you can be just as deadly for your heart and your bank accont.

What if you are doing this without even realizing you’re doing it?

Your unconscious mind is powerful, far more powerful than your conscious mind. Science tells us this and every major spiritual tradition around the world teaches it as well.

Your unconscious mind is like a computer and every day you’re giving it instructions– most often without realizing it.

Blocking yourself from receiving love is a widespread problem in our society and lots of people – without realizing it – are programming their unconscious mind to block them from receiving love.

There’s a good chance you’re sometimes doing it too.

It’s taken many years of my own personal growth and working with hundreds of clients to learn to see the symptoms and know how to change them.

Receiving love from your business

To help you explore this, here are a couple angles to think about and questions to consider.  Perhaps you may find them helpful to reflect on through journaling, in meditation or with a friend or with your business coach.

First, loving yourself is a doorway to being able to receive what your business wants to give you.

Whether you call it love or not, what your business can give you is impacted by how well you love yourself.

How easy is it to love yourself in a healthy way?  What is one simple thing you can do to love yourself today?

While it may seem a complex question, sometimes the answer comes in simple things.  For example, my colleague Katie Curtin, creativity and money coach, shared in a recent presentation how she enjoys using brightly colored folders to organize her tax paperwork

Second, your unconscious mind is one of your most powerful tools to help or hurt your business. 

Since your unconscious mind runs most of your life on automatic.  how you instruct it is important.  Take a few moments to consider, what do your actions and the self-talk in your head teach your subconscious mind?    If your thoughts are full of “I can’t”  and “that’s pathetic” and “will I ever …?” consider how to shift them to a more positive space.

What is one small shift you could make to be sending more positive programming to your unconscious mind?

Third, letting others love you

When we don’t feel loved or cared for, it’s harder to enjoy our work, and it’s harder to draw people to hire you.  This can negatively affect the results of even the best marketer who is doing everything extremely well.

One of the reasons we don’t feel loved is we sometimes don’t let others love us.   Consider that if the pipes in your basement are frozen, it doesn’t matter if you have a fancy bathroom newly renovated. The water can’t get in.

Take a few minutes to consider how can you get out of your own way, and let others love you for you?   There are different flavors of love, including those you don’t know well who wish to be supportive and caring even while maintaining a professional distance.  So you can explore this question with regard to business colleagues and clients or with regard to personal friends, family, and even pets.

Let me know your insights

As you consider these questions, let me know in the comments what insights your reflections bring you.

Photo:  Creative Commons licensing from nathanmac87


Judith Geiger


Mark I really enjoyed your article and your analogies. Being loved by our business is important to its sustainable growth. In my work I am always talking about how LOVE is essential in all areas of our life! I look forward to your next article.


    Mark Reinert


    Thanks, Judith. Yes, letting ourselves be loved is so important – in our personal lives, and in business too.


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