Author: Mark Reinert

What’s the path to purchasing coaching services?

Today I want to share with you a cool infographic that talks about the path to an online purchase.

This image is focused on online product sales, and the heavy use of data, however don’t let that scare you away.

Even if you skip the number crunching, the concept is valuable and worth your reflection as a coach, helping practitioner or service professional.

What is your client’s path to purchase?

When you have a good sense of what path (or paths) clients take to discover you, and then hire you it makes everything easier.

To make the whole client-getting process easier, I suggest you reflect on these questions.

  1. What problems are bugging them that you solve in your line of business?
  2. How do they research the issue?
    Do they look in Google, on Youtube, Amazon, or Craigslist? Or do they ask their psychotherapist, physician or accountant for a referral or look for a workshop in your city?
  3. In what ways do they imagine solving this problem?
    By reading a book, taking a class, paying for one on one help? How much time and money do they imagine spending?
  4. How do they discover you first?
    Hint: is it online, at a workshop or networking group, or by referral?)
  5. How do they come to trust you enough to hire you?
    Perhaps through a phone consultation, a teleseminar,  meeting you at a networking group or reading your blogs and emails?
  6. What keeps them on the fence?
    What pushes them into enough clarity to make a decision to hire you?

Take some time to reflect, journal, or talk with a colleague or business mentor. The more clarity you have about this, the easier it will be to choose your next steps.

Now, check out the infograhic.

Source:  Infographic: The Online Path to Purchase

19 Dec

30 social media myths busted

Did you ever fall asleep while someone was talking?

If so, let me tell you a story about my college classmate Christie who kept falling asleep in our computer programming classes.

Our professor had the most boring, monotone delivery style you can imagine.

Falling asleep in class didn’t exactly impress the professor.

Since it was an advanced level class in our major, and his job references were importatnt, this affected Christie’s Read More

14 Feb

Are you blocking your business from loving you?

car in snowOne of the tragic stories during the historic snowstorm here in Boston last weekend was the story of the 11 year old boy who died because he got into the car to stay warm while his father shoveled the snow.

With the engine running and the exhaust blocked by the snowbank, the carbon monoxide went into the car. Since he had the windows closed, the flow of fresh air was blocked. Sadly this led to his death.

The tragic thing is that he had no idea he blocked himself from receiving the air he needed to live. Even though the fresh air was available, by the time the blockage was discovered he had died.

There’s a lesson here for your business on Valentine’s Day.

Blocking yourself from receiving Read More

Do Creativity and Learning matter in your business?

The icy winter wind is blasting through the carefully insulated thermal windowpanes here in Boston! Not to worry – as 2013 has started, I’ve been like a hibernating bear, hunkered under a blanket.

Instead of sleeping the winter away, however, I’ve been at the computer a lot working intensively on some special projects in my businesses, in addition to continuing to support my private coaching clients.

New, no-cost Creative Learning Course

Did you know about the new free and online course in creative learning that MIT is offering?

It’s called “Learning Creative Learning” and I’m signed up.

Here’s why …

  1. Creativity is crucial in business.
    Learning how to be better at it is not optional.
  2. Helping others learn is crucial in the work I do as a professional coach.
    Is learning, creativity – or both – important in your business, too?
  3. It’s MIT
    Seems like it will be a cool course.  Worst case scenario, I’ll be able to say “I studied at MIT.”  (smile)

You can go at your own pace, and choose between fitting self-study into a busy schedule (like me) or take the time to dive in deeply by joining a study group.

I’ve never done anything with the MIT Media lab, and they didn’t ask me to tell you know about this.  So I can’t tell you a lot about it beyond what you can read on their website.

Someone recommended it to me and it looks like a good learning opportunity.

If your work involves learning and creativity it can probably help you, so I wanted to let you know about it.

Signups close tomorrow, so click through to sign up now while you can..

Here’s to your success!

Mark Reinert
Authentic Business Growth

P.S.  Are you getting a good start on your business and marketing plans for 2013?

If you’ve hit some road blocks or want to move ahead more quickly, contact me for a free consultation to explore some of the changes you could make and how business coaching can help you bring in revenue faster. Go here and pick a time