About Authentic Business Growth

holding the future possibilitiesAuthentic Business Growth exists at the intersection where real world business experience and solid marketing expertise meet curious, mindful awareness in the present moment.

At the heart of Authentic Business Growth is the belief that it is possible to make a good living while doing work you love that has a positive impact on the world.

It is possible to engage in sales and marketing with an open heart, without using manipulative or less than honest practices.

Your mission, vision and values are as important as the bottom line.

Many of us have negative associations and may even believe that transformational work cannot be compensated generously, or that being financially successful requires pushy or deceptive approaches to marketing and sales.

It is true that many people have misused marketing and sales. Some have even used shady practices to sell transformational work.

However by exploring the timeless principles of marketing, making a commitment to best management practices, and being willing to look through the nonjudgmental, curious lens of mindfulness, you will discover that the heart of marketing is nothing more than a disciplined form of storytelling. Marketing can even become a joyful spiritual discipline through which you can offer help and healing, deepen relationships and bring more purpose, meaning – and money – into your life.

It takes clarity, confidence, consistency, faith,  time, wisdom, and a surprising amount of massive action to turn an idea into a profitable business aligned with your values and life purpose.

You don’t have to be rock solid in these 7 areas, just have the seeds to plant and diligently water them.

Like anything in life worth doing, establishing a viable business is not easy. For most people, there are easier ways to make a living. However, it is possible to embody your values, to do transformational work, and be compensated generousely for it.

If you’re committed, then Authentic Business Growth can provide practical, down to earth help to guide you along your path toward success in the work that is tugging at your heart.

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